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So, you are an entrepeneur that wants to test your idea but doesn't have money to develop your project. Send us the idea!

We filter the better ones...

Your business model is not based on ad, or getting 1% of the market, right? And other absurds...

Reconnaissance flight

We will contact those that resonates more with us and schedule a quick meeting to understand better the idea and meet the entrepreneur behind it.

Let's do this!

Project selected? We will have a 1 day meeting to define together the scope of the MVP and the goals the entrepreneur will have to beat.

Let's launch your project's MVP

In only one weekend we will turn your idea into reality and launch your MVP!

Now it's your turn!

We will keep iterating and working on your project as long as you keep beating the goals we set together.

It was a nice trip...

If you don't work on the project or don't beat the goals. We will just leave the idea in the space and don't work on it anymore...

Why Startya is awesome

  • You don´t loose money
  • You test your business idea
  • You learn about your business
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  • Alexandre Benitah (beni)

    Alexandre Benitah (beni)

    Designer with 9+ years of experience, Alexander Benitah is graduated in Usability & Information Architecture and Design Thinking. Currently works in the UX team of and is a partner at the gaming social network EstouJogando. Also likes to ride longboard skating every saturday morning.

  • Anthony Sousa

    Anthony Sousa

    Designer with focus on creating web interfaces for clients such WEA, MetrôRio and Ibeu. Founded two companies before of age 21, works by improving the user experience of products and online presence of businesses on the internet.

  • Cayo Medeiros (yogodoshi)

    Cayo Medeiros (yogodoshi)

    Founder of EstouJogando, the biggest brazillian social network for gamers, graduated in Digital Design but has been working as a programmer for 8 years now. Gained a lot of experience by creating of personal side projects, participating in hackathons and building MVPs for other Startup owners. Currently works as a Lean Startup/ Design Thinking consultant.

  • Ruan Mer

    Ruan Mer

    Front-end developer, with 6+ years of experience, focus on UX and performance. Has worked with most of Brazilian's agencies as a freelancer, nowadays work at InfoGlobo. A passionate developer that likes to attend to developer events and hackathons in the weekends.



Will you be my personal development team?

Not exactly. We will make your MVP and as you beat the goals we set together we are gonna keep iterating it from time to time. On a weekly basis we will squash bugs and help you with business related decisions and guidance only.

Will everyone of the team work on my project?

No. We will compose a team with 3 members for each project.

Is it REALLY free?

You won't have to pay us any cash for developing anything but we keep 30% of the business. Only expenses like the host, domain and similars will be on you.

Why do you get 30% of my company?

Seriously? You didn't read anything about how it works right? And if you read it and still doesn't see enough value in it, please, don't bother applying ;D

Do you have a lot of contracts for me to sign? I love bureaucracy!

Sorry but we hate it and won't have you signing anything right now. We will begin it as a gentlemen's agreement.

Why don't you develop your own ideas?

As we can easily turn our ideas into a functional application, we have a lot of projects running with almost no users using it because we don't have enough time to dedicate to maintain and grow all of them.

What will I need to do when project is online?

You will take care of the day-by-day and sell the project! Your main objective should be to beat the goals we have set together!


Do you have expertise in which of these?